Here’s the latest information on the relocation of N910TE:

TriStar Experience STEM Education has prepared the aircraft for flight, received a ferry permit from the FAA, and acquired the necessary fuel for its trip from Tuscon International (KTUS) to Kansas City International (KMCI); all indications that the flight is imminent.

Once N910TE arrives at MCI, the TriStar Team will begin making modifications and readying the aircraft for its new role in STEM (Science, Engineering, Math, and Technology) Education.  Kids will be encouraged to explore the world of aviation, all while onboard one of the most iconic and impressive aircraft in history!

Although the TriStar Team and all of our supporters are very excited to see this aircraft once again take to the skies, we are working out the logistics to support our highly-qualified volunteer flight crew.  As you might imagine, the requirements to relocate this aircraft are complex.  We also do not want to confuse or disappoint any of those who are interested.  Therefore, we will likely not be able to provide more than 5 days notice prior to the flight and we are not publicly announcing the date until we are certain the flight will occur as scheduled.

Please trust that when we are certain the flight will occur as scheduled, we will do everything we can to communicate that to anyone interested.  Please check back to this page and our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TriStarExperience/ for information.  If you find no new information, please feel confident that we are still diligently working to make arrangements and that new information will be posted on all of our communication outlets once the flight schedule is publicly announced.

If you’d like to show your support, please click the DONATE button on the right.  All donations go towards supporting our mission to encourage youth to engage in STEM curricula and careers.  The TriStar Team is all-volunteer, and TriStar Experience a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
If you’d like to forever be remembered for your support of N910TE specifically, we are offering to install plaques on each seat in the first-class cabin so that all who pass through will recognize your contribution.  If interested in purchasing a seat plaque, please click the link below for more information.  If for whatever reason the link does not work for you, please fill out the Contact Us form and note that you’re interested in donating for a seat plaque and we will be in touch.
TriStar_L-1011 Plaques

Further, we’d like to make special note of a few of our outstanding corporate sponsors which have specifically enabled us to get N910TE to this point:
Delta Airlines
Goodyear Aviation
PPG Industries Aerospace
Ascent Aviation
Avtec USA
Avox, Zodiac Aerospace
Enflight Aviation
Loft Aero
Med-Air Inc.
RTS Aviation
Tuscon International Airport Authority
B&G Instruments
GJD Services
Kidde Aerospace & Defense
Lockheed Martin
Unical Aviation
Marana Aerospace Solutions
Air Sure Limited
Thank you!