Wings of Pride - N948TW (MD83)

Wings of Pride N948TW in Flight - Website

TriStar Experience is proud to return the original TWA Wings of Pride MD83 jet aircraft to its home base in Kansas City and anyone interested in seeing this magnificent example of TWA Pride can gain access through one of the many tours provided by the TWA Museum at Downtown airport. This TriStar Experience aircraft will also operate from the Charles Wheeler Airport for ground-based educational programs and can be made available for use for any special functions via the TWA Museum.

Thank you to the many TriStar partners and team members who made possible the restoration and return to service of N948TW — TWA’s Wings of Pride.

Kansas City’s rich aviation history includes aircraft manufacturing, historic figures like Howard Hughes, and the original headquarters for TWA airlines. The TWA Wings of Pride was a gift from TWA employees to the airline they loved, painted in a one-of-a-kind livery. With the American Airlines (AA) acquisition of TWA in 2001 the Wings of Pride was repainted and flown by AA. From the time it had acquired the aircraft in mid-2014, TriStar worked to restore and return N948TW in her original livery to continue flying and inspiring the next generation of aviation enthusiasts and professionals. 

We need your help maintaining the Wings of Pride and keeping TriStar flying.  Donate today to the TriStar Wings of Pride Legacy Fundraiser.