Ground-Based Programs

With the recent return of TriStar’s Lockheed L1011 to Kansas City, TriStar Experience is offering one of the most unique and well-prepared approach to STEM Education in the Midwest. Special teaching tools are available either through use of the L1011 at KCI and or the MD83 at Wheeler Downtown Airport. All aircraft will  support ground-based STEM educational programs that adhere to not only Kansas and Missouri STEM Standards, but also to the most recent National STEM Standards.

Examples of ground-based programs include:

  • Curriculum based educational programs teaching for Principles of Flight, Aviation Careers, Aircraft Systems, contrast and comparison of the visual differences of aircraft and the effects of technology nuances.
  • Aircraft Tours
  • Extensions of other organizational programs including aviation museums and experiential learning labs and more

TriStar aircraft may also be made available for meetings and other functions

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