Why it Began

TriStar’s founders realized that beautiful, serviceable aircraft that were being scrapped because they’d outlived their useful commercial lives.  This was occurring at a time when access to aircraft and aviation was more restricted and so thorough lack of exposure, children were less interested in aviation and aerospace.   Increased airline security prevents children who do fly never meet the pilots, see the cockpit or earn that first set of wings.  Reduced budgets have all but eliminated airshows that allow children see in action and get closer to operating aircraft.   These experiences and others help inspire us to imagine what our lives could be like as pilots, astronauts, or other professional roles models and then to explore the related academic curricula and careers.

The aircraft being lost were some of the most significant in commercial aviation and as well most memorable for their passengers.  TriStar has been inundated with stories about passengers recalling their first flight, many of which on an L1011.  They recall the unique and powerful sound of the L1011’s Rolls Royce engines.  TriStar was created to save and preserve these iconic jet aircraft while re-purposing them to help give back the “aha” moments that can inspire children and change their lives forever.

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